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Classification Essay Kinds Of Roommates

As many of us can’t afford to live alone, sharing your spot with roommates is the first solution that comes to mind : they hold the promise of cost/space efficient living. They might even become your new best friends… or make you wish you never moved out of your parents’.

Let’s check out together the 10 types of roommates you’re bound to experience :

1 – The Clean Freak

You consider yourself to be a tidy and organized person who cleans up after yourself, but your clean freak roommate thinks your room is a pigsty because you have one sock on the ground and an empty water bottle that isn’t placed in the recycling.

2 – The Slob

The slob is a complete polar opposite to the clean freak. This person literally never cleans up after himself and completely ignores the chore list that was agreed to by each roommate.

3 – The Party Animal

It’s exam week and all you want to do is study in peace and quiet, but your party animal roommate refuses to let that happen. They constantly blast music, invite friends over and make silence a sacred thing you never see anymore. 

4 – The Ghost

To be completely honest, you’re not even sure if this roommate really exists or not. You saw him on move-in day and his room is furnished, but he is literally never home.

5 – The Hermit

Unlike the ghost, you always know where to find the hermit – in his room. It’s like henever leaves home, even for class.

6 – The Overly Attached Roommate

When you moved in, you were hoping that you would become friends with your roommates. What you didn’t anticipate is that one of them would follow you everywhere and expect to be best friends forever.

7 – The Kleptomaniac

He might not intentionally steal stuff, but things go missing all the time. The milk you just bought – gone. The leftovers you explicitly put your name on – gone.

8 – The Passive-Aggressive Roommate

Any time there’s an issue that could easily be resolved with a simple face-to-face conversation, he chooses to leave you a sticky note and reminder instead. He avoids face-to-face confrontation, but always seems to have something to complain about.

9 – The King of The Castle

You all pay the same amount in rent and equally share household duties, yet for some reason this person feels he is the reigning authority over the house.

10 – The Perfect Match

This roommate is quite elusive and hard to find; but once you find one, you’ll love him. He is everything you’re looking for in a roommate – honest, respectful and just a well-rounded person. If you meet the perfect roommate, try and stick with him for as long as possible, as he is a rare breed! 

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