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The Study of the Relationship (Satire) Essay

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The Study of the Relationship

A relationship? Something meaningful? Forever? HA! All ploys and devious schemes devised by horifically cruel creatures, in order to have their every wish granted for all of eternity. These terms were created to destroy our lives, they were created by the most evil and demented of all creatures, The Female. Ask any boyfriend, or should I say "slave", and they will tell you that the Female is a very mean creature that gets her every way without any questions. They turn us into their servants and force us into a permanent relationship, or a permanent "slavery", as I prefer to call it.

Step One: Scouting Their Prey

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Asking you too get something for her at any time in the night, picking her friend up for her from somewhere exactly opposite of where you are, and the list goes on. But this is the moment where a small part of you may wish to be single again, but it's not a loud enough voice to hear yet.

Step Three: Stuck Between A Rock And A Bigger Rock

You got this far in? Your stuck now, how does it feel? By this time you cannot get out of it until she breaks it off with you, which is highly unlikely at this step. You are completely and utterlly whipped, and under her control. Her will shall be done, and believe me, it is. This is the point where that voice got louder, its almost yelling...but heres where she gets more devious again. Lets say for example, that she is depressive, and extremely self-consious(as are most women), and you just can't deal with it anymore. But she says that she Loves you...theres a toughy. You say it back, because 1. You May Truly Love Her 2. You Know Your Supposed To Say It or 3. Your Afriad of What Will Hapen If You Don't. So you say it back and things progress, then you mention life without her, very inconspicuously, and she says those orrible words that most women say in a relationship..."I'd die without you"...and in many cases the girl is crazy enough to do it. So now your stuck, be happy and kill her, or be unhappy and let her have her way...the choice is yours.

Step Four: Finding Your Scapegoat

If you

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“the Effects of Having Boyfriend/Girlfriend Relationships in the Academic Performance of Selected High School Students of Theresian School of Cavite”

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Theresian School of Cavite
Habay, Bacoor, Cavite

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the requirement in
English IV

“The Effects of having Boyfriend/Girlfriend Relationships in the Academic Performance of selected high school students of Theresian School of Cavite”

Altair Marie Acosta
John Daniel Buerano
John Jeric Chan
Trixia Roxanne Dela Cruz
Odyssea Hermes Estrella
Donald Philip Florendo
Alyssa Javier
Karen Louise Miranda
Monique Reyes
Patrick Joshua Villones


This thesis entitled “The Effects of having Boyfriend/Girlfriend Relationships in the Academic Performance of selected high school students of Theresian School of Cavite” prepared and submitted by, Altair Marie Acosta, John Daniel Buerano,…show more content…

In this article, we'll offer some statistics regarding teenage relationships so that you can better understand exactly what's in store for the average teenager who is dating.

The Teenage Love Relationship deals with the relationship of love that exists between the teenage groups. In schools the teenagers usually make friends easily and therefore there remains the chance for a young boy/girl to get easily involved in a relationship. The teenagers usually do not consider the various aspects that are associated with the relationship of love and therefore tend to make mistakes regarding the choosing of a girlfriend/boyfriend.

Teenage is that phase of life, when one tries to discover life and makes attempts to unfold the mysteries of life or it could be said that a teenager finds himself/herself trapped in this complex world. A teenager therefore searches for a true friend, with whom he/she can share all his/her troubles or is in need of a friend who would help him/her to cope with the challenges offered by life. Therefore it can be deducted that the root of teen love is friendship and often adulation for friends leads to infatuation. Love is in fact the aspect due to which romance culminates into a relationship. Love is something which can’t be determined or measured by anyone.

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This study

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