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Do My Essay For $1000

Are there really that many freelance essay writer positions open these days? Is it really possible to earn $1000 per month writing essays from home? Yes, there are literally thousands of open essays-writing positions open around the world, and yes, it is very easy to earn $1000 per month.

And yes I, this writer, used to be a freelance essay writer. So I can personally verify that you can make an income — or at least a part time income — churning out essays for students.

A Little History And Background Information

Since 2007, there has been a massive upsurge in the appearance of essay writing services. These are companies that operate around the world, and they offer to do a student’s college work for a fee.

A Word about Student Scamming

Many of them are scamming websites because it is an easy swindle. If you want to scam students too, you set up a website, claim you are a company with hundreds of employees. You take student’s orders pre-paid, and you send them an essay you copied off the Internet. The students dare not go to the police or any governing body to report you because they are afraid their college professors or friends will discover that they tried to cheat with an essay writing services.

The only downside to scamming students is that angry students are happy to have their friends go online and cut your website’s reputation into ribbons. Most scamming websites have to change their company name and website every six months to avoid the sheer weight of negative press following them.

The Morality of Essay Writing

There is no way to mince words about it: you are helping students cheat the system, and you are getting paid to do it. I’m not going to expend energy about the ethics of this. There is a demand for this and for those willing to do the work, some money to be made. I suppose if you want to get into the ethics — it’s wrong. But you are just the hand providing the service and it’s the student is the one cheating the system.

So as long as you understand you are helping students cheat a system (arguably already a broken system but…), then read on.

 How Many Essay Writing Services Are There?

There is no way of knowing because they are not too forthcoming when it comes to government reports. Many of them operate in different countries but use US servers. They may be legitimate, or not, suffice it to say that figuring out how many exist is difficult. However, if we go by supply and demand, then the words “essay writing service” were Googled 31 million times in 2015, which means there is a large demand, which is probably why there are so many essay-writing services on the Internet.

How Do Essay Writing Services Work?

It is simple; the student gets a quote and sends in his or her project parameters. They pay per page, which is usually between 250 and 275 words. They pay more if they want a high scoring essay and more if they have a shorter deadline. The company assigns a writer (usually a freelancer) to do the college work. The writer sends it back and gets paid once the student accepts the essay.

The student hands in the work as his or her own, and there is no way their professors will ever know they paid for their essay unless the students is silly enough to tell people. As a side note, social media exposed over 6700 cheaters in the USA in 2015 because they were dumb enough to share their essay purchase on social media (what a bunch of Wallies).

Start By Searching Out Essay Writing Companies

Enter it into Google and you will find a few. However, Google is always under pressure to ban these websites from appearing on its search engine results, despite the fact that it was Googled 31 million times in 2015. Ideally, you need to search for as many as you can and create a long list of potential companies.

If you are having trouble finding a long list of companies, then type in something such as “Essay writing services reviews.” You will find a long list of websites that feature reviews about essay writing services. Most of the reviews are negative because scamming students is easy…so many companies do it.

How To Apply for an Essay Writing Job (and get it)

Your first step is to go through the list of essay writing services and look for links on their website that say something such as “Work for us.” If you find things such as this, then your job is an easy one because all you have to do is follow their instructions to get the job.

If you cannot find these links, then you need to make contact with the company. Do not use their “Live Chat” or phone lines because they are often manned by customer support workers from Middle Eastern countries. Your best bet is to email them. If they do not have email support, then try their live chat and ask how you may work for the company.

Top Tip

Even if you email them, and use live chat, you may get nowhere. It is worth running a search on the company with a “Whois” search engine. There are quite a few websites that offer “Whois” services for free. Look to see who owns the website and send that person an email.

Keep A Log Of The Websites You Have Applied To

As a side note, keep track of all the websites you have contacted, keep a log of what you have said, and what their responses were. You will need this later when you try them again. You may try the companies again with different email addresses (explained later), or you can try the company again in six months. Hit them with a new email each time, do not do a copy and paste of your last one. Sometimes, nagging a company will get you a job.

Apply To The Essay Writing Companies And Lie, Lie, Lie

If you have a degree, then you can tell the truth. If you do not, then lie and say that you do. Pick a subject that you know you can write on, and say that you have a degree in it.

Set up a LinkedIN profile and add in a bunch of fake credentials and fake qualifications. When you tell the essay writing service that you are a degree-qualified writer, send them your CV along with all your fake credentials. Do not give them your real previous employers. Instead, give them a bunch of fake ones. If you give reference details, then send them fake ones. For example, you can set up an email address that says, “[email protected]” and pretend you worked in their head office if you wish.

Top Tip

If you give them your CV and your LinkedIN profile full of lies, then that is probably all the proof they need. If they ask for photocopies or scans of your degree qualifications–then agree. You then go online, find a degree qualification scan, you Photoshop your name in, and you send it to them. Most essay writing services will not ask for scans/photocopies of your qualifications, but that is what you do if they do.

Set Up Another Email Address And Try Them Again

You can set up as mean free email addresses as you wish. If you have ever tried online dating, you should know to apply with a free email account that you set up especially. You should do this because firstly the free dating sites sell your email address to spammers (even if they claim they don’t), and the second reason is so you can burn the address if you are suddenly stalked by a weirdo.

You can set up as many email addresses as you like, and you can also create as many online personas as you like. From personal experience, I can say that at one time I have been a veterinary surgeon, an environmental scientist, a childcare professional, and a sociologist. I can tell you honestly that I have no qualifications in any of those subjects, but I have written essays on the subjects and scored well. I would sign into one email account from which I had told people I had veterinary qualifications and pick up my projects, and then sign into another email address where I had told the essay writing services I was a sociologist and pick up my projects, and so forth. Also, for the record, the next time your vet has no clue why your rabbit is pooping viscous mucoid and simply suggests a random antibiotic, it is because he/she had his/her college essays written by an essay writing service.

If you do not get the job with one email address, set up another, change your name a little, and try again. When it comes time to pay you, you may still use your own bank details, PayPal details or Skrill details. If they ask why your payment details are not in your name, say that you do not have PayPal and are using your husband’s, wife’s, sister’s, etc., accounts. Lying online is easy if you get a little practice.

Top Tip

Another little tip, while I am giving them away, if you have fake profiles online, or even real profiles online, do not use your own photo unless you are very good looking. For example, my old LinkedIN profile for my environmental scientist profile was actually of a rugged looking bearded man, and some of the photos were of him outdoors with nets in rivers and standing next to what looked like wildlife capture vans. I have no idea who the guy was, I Googled “Holiday pics in Nepal” and found those on some German guy’s Pinterest account. I can’t tell you how many essay writing jobs I get by creating profiles as my sister, who was a lingerie model at the time (now she is married to a guy that owns six houses and looks like a model himself, and she works…on her tan).

What To Do If The Essay Writing Services Do Not Pay

There are plenty of companies that are not going to pay you, in which case, you need to get nasty. If they are not going to pay you, then threaten to post the essay you wrote onto every website, comment section and forum you can find so that they cannot use it, cannot give it to the student, and the student cannot use it.

Do not be too pushy at this point. Once you have made the threat, wait for their response. In most cases, they have already given the essay to the student. Wait for around a day, and then threaten to go onto every review website and write nasty things about them, and remind them to pay you. Add an invoice too; especially if it is a PayPal invoice that they can pay instantly.

If they do not pay up, then go to Whois and get the website owner’s address and email address, send them another message and threaten to post it online when you go on the review websites to rip their company apart. If they do not pay up, then follow through on all your threats. You may feel like you are wasting your time doing it all, but it is worth it to know that you have damaged their company. Move on to another company, and use the essay you wrote for the last company as proof of your writing quality.

They Love Writers That Are Willing To Amend

All essay writing services love writers that are willing to amend their work. They love them because writers typically kick up a fuss when essay-writing services ask them to amend their work. Remember that you have a lot of competition out there, so it may be in your interest to make a good impression on the essay writing company.

How Much Are You Supposed To Charge per Essay?

It always depends on the company, the qualifications you claim to have, and how much time it takes you. Most of the poor quality companies are going to pay you $2 per 100 words. Only accept that rate if you are going to mine Wikipedia for most of your information so that you can create a passable essay.

How to Make $1000 a Month Writing Those Essays?

Don’t forget that to earn $1000 per month, you only need to make $50 per workday, which is fairly easy as an essay writer if you follow the advice on this article.

You should charge depending on how long a project takes you. If an essay takes you a full day of around eight hours, then consider how much you would like to earn per day as part of your regular job, and then add or minus 20% based on how much effort you need to put in. If you are working for a company that isn’t planning on screwing over its student customers (these are the ones that sometimes pay tax), then you should be able to draw a good wage for good work.

So make sure you budget out your time and get enough jobs that can be you roughly $50 per day (with each day counting as a couple hours of work on your part) and you can do $1000 in about 20 days of part time work.


For almost 10 years, June and John Strothenke have been living on their small farm in Interior Alaska, raising goats, rabbits, chickens and cows. But now, it's time for a change.

A few months ago, the couple came to a sudden decision that, between health and job stresses, they needed to move on.

"Maybe it's time for us to spend a little more time with the family … and a little less on the farm," John Strothenke said.

So they're putting their home on the market, but with a twist. There will be no Realtor. Only an essay and a $1,000 entry fee. Write the winning essay, and the farm is yours.

It was June's idea, her husband said. Look around online, and you'll find stories of other properties put on the market via essay contest, she said. She didn't want to go the traditional route, with all the red tape of a typical sale. This seemed like a good option.

Now, anybody interested in the farm has a shot, if they can pay the fee and answer a simple prompt: "Why I would like to own a hobby farm in Fairbanks, Alaska."

The couple says they've put a lot of work into the 5-acre property off Chena Hot Springs Road, northwest of the center of Fairbanks. They just put in new windows. John Strothenke said he'll continue renovating the house as though they weren't leaving.

Wanting a healthier, sustainable lifestyle, they moved into the property in 2008. They started the farm with chickens, and it expanded from there. Eventually, most of their food came from the land.

"We were doing eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, honey, meat of all different varieties, everything that comes from the ground and garden," John Strothenke listed off.

They loved the work, but the days began at 4:30 a.m. and lasted until 10 p.m., John Strothenke said.

In the property description, they describe a four-bedroom home, a two-story barn, and large woodshed and carport, as well as other sheds used for livestock.

There's no mortgage on the property, and annual property taxes are around $5,000, they write.

The couple figures they need about 370 essays to make the contest financially viable. They will allow only 420 entries total — so the odds of winning are relatively good, they said.

For entry advice, June Strothenke said people should "thoughtfully (put) their heart in their essay. Because I think that's what's going to stand out to us as the initial judges."

The pair will choose the top 20 essays. As for the winner, that will be decided by three judges who have not yet been chosen.

"I would love for, you know, somebody, maybe a younger person who's got a small family," to own the farm, John Strothenke said.

First National Bank Alaska is handling the entries and money. The bank will send the essays to the couple, with all names removed, so that each one is anonymous. On Thursday, the couple wasn't sure if any entries were submitted yet.

If it goes well, they'll make back the cost of the house and some profit, John Strothenke said. If the essay contest doesn't pan out, they'll sell conventionally and all entry fees will be returned, they said.

The couple hopes to retire to upstate New York, where they are both originally from, and where family now lives. Both said they never thought they'd leave Alaska.

They have no regrets coming here, John Strothenke said. But he said he might regret leaving.

Correction: An earlier version of this story referred to the First National Bank of Alaska. The bank's name is First National Bank Alaska.