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John Yessayan


Introduction: Noninvasive measures of bone activity include intact parathyroid hormone (iPTH) and bone-specific alkaline phosphatase (BSAP). Whether BSAP measurement alone or in combination with other biochemical data provides more reliable information about bone turnover than iPTH alone in African Americans on hemodialysis is unknown. Methods: This cross-sectional study aimed to determine the optimal predictor and cutoff points for BSAP, iPTH, calcium and phosphorus in classifying bone biopsy findings. Forty-three African American hemodialysis patients were available for analysis. Biochemical data on the day of biopsy across a spectrum of qualitative histologic bone features were compared. Classification and regression tree analysis was used to determine both the optimal predictor and cutoff points for BSAP, iPTH, calcium and phosphorus in identifying bone turnover status. Findings: Seven subjects had adynamic disease, 31 had mild/moderate hyperparathyroid bone features, and five had severe hyperparathyroid bone disease. BSAP was the optimal predictor of bone biopsy with a cutoff point of 22 ng/mL. Calcium and phosphorus had no predictive value. At BSAP ≤ 22 ng/mL, subjects had either adynamic bone disease or mild/moderate hyperparathyroid bone disease but iPTH was not useful in further classifying biopsy findings. When BSAP was >22 ng/mL, subjects had either mild/moderate or severe hyperparathyroid bone disease, and iPTH was useful in further classifying biopsy findings. With BSAP > 22 ng/mL and iPTH < 726 pg/mL, all subjects had mild/moderate bone turnover features. Discussion: Compared to iPTH, BSAP was shown to be the optimal predictor of biopsy findings with an optimal cutoff at 22 ng/mL.

Graduate Awards

Each year the Boston Latin School Association Board of Trustees solicits the nomination of individuals to recognize and reward as Distinguished Graduate and Outstanding Recent Graduate for their outstanding accomplishment and service to their community and/or alma mater for the Awards. Those names are reviewed by the Awards Committee and are considered for a Graduate Award.

Nominations for these awards are welcomed from any member of the BLSA community including alumni, parents or friends. Nominations should include all known data on the nominees as well as specific reference to sources. For more information, contact Carol Lawless Snow '06 at (617) 424-1635 ext. 131.

Distinguished Graduate Award
The first Distinguished Graduate Award (formerly the Graduate of the Year Award) was presented to John Cardinal Wright '27 in 1954. In the 59 years since, the award has been Boston Latin School Association's highest honor, given each year to an individual exemplifying the motto "Sumus Primi."
Nominees will be evaluated based on several criteria, including:

• Significant contribution to the community in which he or she lives
• Substantial life achievement in career or community
• Engagement in activities engendering pride on the part of alumni of BLS

Distinguished Graduates
(Formerly Graduates of the Year)
2017: Stanley Salett '551985: William F. Looney, Jr. '49
2016: Michael A. Leven '551984: Leonard Bernstein '35
2015: Sidney D. Wolk '531983: Saul G. Cohen '33
2014: Philip J. Landrigan '591982: Sidney Topol '41
2013: William Schawbel '571981: Elliot Norton '22
2012: Charles I. Clough Jr. '601980: William T. Cloney '29
2011: Burton G. Malkiel '491979: Aaron Gordon '23
2010: Alan S. Bressler '551978: Arthur Fiedler
2009: Cheryl A. Frye '841977: Theodore H. White '32
2008: Richard Dunn '421976: William F. Morrissey '15
2007: Daniel Yankelovich '421975: Dr. Wilfred L. O'Leary '25
2006: Andrew Viterbi '521974: Dr. Paul Zoll '28
2005: Stephen Greyser '521973: Robert Coles '46
2004: Nat Hentoff '411972: William L. Langer '12
2003: Richard A. Clarke '681971: John W. Ward '41
2002: Patrick E. Roche '461970: Clifton R. Wharton Jr. '43
2001: Constantine "Conrad" Pappas Jameson '371969: T. Vincent Learson '31
2000: Sheldon Seevak '461968: Thomas L. Phillips '42
1999: Harry V. Keefe Jr. '391967: Roy E. Larsen '17
1998: Thomas H. O'Connor '421966: Ralph B. Rogers '26
1997: Stanley Miller '481965: Malcolm A. MacIntyre '25
1996: Aaron M. Feuerstein '431964: Joseph G. Gavin Jr. '37
1995: Merton H. Miller '401963: William F. Looney Sr. '15
1994: Robert F. McDermott '371962: Antonino E. Iovino '22
1993: Raymond D. Nasher '391961: Wade H. McCree Jr. '37
1992: Marshall S. Cogan '551960: Max Levine '07
1991: Rev. John E. Brooks '421959: Ira M. Daniels '15
1990: Albert Bates Lord '301958: Samuel Silverman '11
1989: Sumner M. Redstone '401957: Joseph P. Kennedy '08
1988: Michael Contompasis '571956: Howard Lindsay '07
1987: Avram Goldberg '471955: Sidney R. Rabb '16
1986: Norman Leventhal '331954: John Cardinal Wright '27

Outstanding Recent Graduate Award
Created in 1995, the outstanding recent graduate award recognizes the achievement of the most recent generation, highlighting one individual whose actions have served as an inspiration and motivation to others.

• Graduated from Boston Latin School within the last 25 years
• Contributes selflessly to the local, national, international community and/or Boston Latin School
• Served as a positive role model for alumni/ae and students of the Boston Latin School
• Inspired action on the part of others

Outstanding Recent Graduates
2017: Alfa Demmellash '992004: Eugene Wade '88
2013: Ryan W. Mason '962003: Mary Tamer '85
2012: Charmane Higgins '872002: Not Awarded
2011: Rachel G. Skerritt '952001: Raffi N. Yessayan '86
2010: Katherine P. Craven '902000: Ellen M. Stranberg '82
2009: James W. Hunt III '901999: Annette M. Felzani-Dwyer '83
2008: Timothy Codrington '911998: Jean O'Callaghan-Morris '78
2007: John Fitzgerald '91 and Ailbe Glynn '911997: Cecilia Chan '81
2006: Rebecca Galeota '921996: Richard G. Pond '77
2005: John Hanlon '921995: Susan A. Bear '80

Volunteer Awards
Alumni may also be recognized for their devotion and service to alma mater and her alumni by the following awards: Dr. Joseph F. Desmond '44 Award, Lee J. Dunn Award and Edward Lambert '39 Class Leadership Award.

Dr. Joseph F. Desmond '44 Volunteer Award
This award was established by the Boston Latin School Association in memory of Dr. Joseph Desmond '44, teacher, acting head master and loyal alumnus, and is presented annually to a BLS alumnus/a whose contributions to the school typify the spirit of dedication and generosity that Desmond exemplified. The Desmond Award recipient is chosen by the board of trustees chair and BLSA president.

Nomination Form

Dr. Joseph F. Desmond '44 Volunteer Awardees
(Formerly Volunteers of the Year)
2010: Gerald A. Levenson '561999: John P. Page ‘55
2008: Julianne Donley Gilpin '801998: Paul C. Kelly '43
2007: Duncan O'Brien '781997: Robert G. Hoffman '47
2006: Ellen Moy-Maneikis '781996: Bruce McKinnon '74
2005: Lawrence S. DiCara '671995: Tracy Guinta O'Donnell '81 and Anne DiNatale Spry '81
2004: Robert E. Holland '641994: Charles L. Longfield '74
2003: John Daley '571993: Richard G. Pond '77
2002: John Buckley '621992: George P. Field '67
2001: Albert Gerte '371991: John M. Barry '54
2000: William F. McCarron '791990: Robert Rittenburg '51

Lee J. Dunn '24 Award
This award was established by the family and friends of Lee J. Dunn '24, former dean and adviser of Class I at the school and executive secretary of the Association, through whose efforts many Latin School students were able to attend the college of their choice. The Dunn Award is given annually to a BLS alumnus/a who has shown dedication, commitment and industry in furthering the efforts of the school and its alumni. The Dunn Award recipient is chosen by a separate committee.

Lee J. Dunn '24 Awardees
2012: Robert D. Graham '501990: John T. Daley '57
2011: John F. Pow '511989: John S. Buckley '62
2010: Thomas F. Mafffei '641988: Stephen A. Greyser '52
2009: Charles I. Clough Jr. '601987: Louis S. Corsini '57
2008: Head Master Emerita Cornelia A. Kelley H'441986: Charles L. Arena '51
2007: John Page '551985: Lee J. Dunn Jr. '61
2006: Mary Tamer '851984: John I. Fitzgerald '36
2005: William Koplovsky '541983: Gerard Foley '63
2004: William H. Wright '691982: Costa Chalas '36
2003: William McCarron '791981: Roger B. Tyler '13
2002: Robert Rittenburg '511980: Michael G. Contompasis '57
2001: Stanley E. Tobin '481979: Lawrence W. Beloungie '37
2000: Paul C. Kelly '431978: Austin W. Jones Jr. '48
1999: William Schawbel '571977: Not Awarded
1998: Bruce F. McKinnon '741976: Not Awarded
1997: Charles L. Longfield '741975: Antonino F. Iovino '22
1996: James W. Hegarty ‘571974: William F. Looney, Jr. ‘49
1995: Edward C. Lambert '391973: Federic B. Williams '25
1994: Marshall S. Cogan '551972: William F. Morissey '15
1993: Leon D. Starr '351971: Thomas D. Craven '13
1992: Edward D. Hurley '321970: John F. Elsbree ‘28
1991: Stanley Miller '48

Edward Lambert '39 Class Leadership Award
From the very first “look to your left” lecture, your class is part of your Latin School identity. Your class helped create many of the special memories you carry of alma mater and your class committees, or their modern counterparts, continue to help guide how you see the institution on Avenue Louis Pasteur today. For the staff at the Association, class committees are one of the most vital resources we have in our effort to build and nurture relationships with alumni. In 2006, to celebrate outstanding effort from a class leader or leaders, BLSA created the Edward Lambert '39 Class Leadership Award, named in honor of the late Edward Lambert '39: a stellar class leader, longtime coach and faculty member, and an inductee to the Varsity Club Hall of Fame. The Lambert Award is selected by the BLSA president.

Edward Lambert '39 Class Leadership Awardees
2015: John I. Fitzgerald '65
2011: Peter M.P. Norris '50
2007: Louis Izzi '87
2006: Amelia Aubourg '99 and Barbara Regan '99