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Uf Entrance Essay

This is a college essay of how to approach a personality-type supplemental question for the University of Florida. Hopefully from reading this essay, you will be able to gain a better idea of what the University of Florida is looking for. This student was accepted to the University of Florida’s Honors Program.

Prompt: What’s your theme song?

“There comes a time when we hear a certain call, when the world must come together as one.” My theme song is “We Are the World” by Michael Jackson because it carries with it so many profound messages. On the most basic level, it shows how we can all unite behind one another when we need each other the most as seen with the song’s initial release in 1985 and more recently following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Yet beyond this, “We Are the World” makes me consider each decision I make and its influence on others. The song makes me cherish the classic American values of “[making] a brighter day,” helping others and expecting nothing in return. Ultimately, our selflessness and ability to empathize with others make us human.

Photo by Chad Miller from Orlando, Florida, US of A (graduation hugs) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.

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For this question, be sure to provide all of the information requested with as much detail as possible while still being concise. Since this is a list, formatting can help to reduce the number of characters in your response.


Do this:

NHS President – Organize and attend ten volunteer events for club members per year (81 characters)


Not this:

As the president of NHS, I organize and attend ten volunteer events for club members each year. (95 characters)


Although there is only a 14 character difference, it can add up. Formatting the response like the first example means you could include 11-12 activities, whereas you could only list 10 if you formatted the second way. If you have fewer activities, you can add more detail, such as a specific example of your impact on the community service event or organization. It is advisable to select either the most impressive example or the one that you are proudest and most passionate about.


For example:

NHS President – Organize and attend ten volunteer events for club members per year, including a dance-a-thon that raised over 5,000 dollars for low-income, special-needs families.


Think of the prompt not as a résumé, but as an opportunity to show your personality and any leadership roles that you’ve taken on. This is your chance to brag about the wonderful work that you’ve done! By conveying your direct impact on a community service event, you show the admissions committee both what you value and the skills that you will bring to the UF campus. In the example above, the details show the reader that the student is capable of organizing large, successful events and managing other students.