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Recycling Coursework Gcse


The resources on the Earth are limited. It is important that the things we do now do not make things difficult or impossible for future generations. To achieve sustainable development, we need to balance these things carefully:

  • the need for economic development, where standards of living improve
  • respect for the environment and the resources it provides for us

Recycling is an important way to help us achieve sustainable development. We can recycle many resources, including:


Glass is easily recycled. It can be melted and remoulded to make new objects, such as bottles. The energy needed to do this is less than the energy needed to make new glass from its raw materials. However, we need to sort different coloured glass ready for recycling, and transport it to the recycling plant.


Just like glass, it takes less energy to melt and remould metals than it does to extract new metals from their ores. Aluminium is a valuable metal that melts at a relatively low temperature, and is particularly attractive for recycling. However, a lot of metals that we use are mixtures called alloys, and it can be difficult to sort different metals ready for recycling.


Paper is not melted when it is recycled. Instead, it is broken up into small pieces and reformed to make new sheets of paper. This takes less energy to do than making paper from trees. However, paper can only be recycled a few times before its fibres become too short to be useful, and the recycled paper is often only good enough for toilet paper or cardboard. But it can be used as a fuel or compost instead.


You may wish to view this BBC News item from 2006 about a new school in Birmingham where most of the waste produced during its construction was recycled.


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Local and global issues

Your friend Martin has written about:

  • what his town is like
  • what environmental problems there are in his town
  • what he does at home to protect the environment
  • what he thinks is the most serious global environmental problem
  • what he did recently to help the environment
  • what he will do in the future to protect the environment


J’habite à Nîmes dans le sud de la France. J’y habite depuis sept ans. C’est une grande ville historique et il y a beaucoup de sites touristiques. Nîmes est une ville agréable et elle est jolie, surtout dans le centre. En été, il fait chaud, mais en hiver, il y a du vent et il gèle.

Bien que Nîmes soit jolie, il y a aussi des problèmes écologiques. Je trouve que la circulation est un grand problème parce qu’il y a toujours des embouteillages au centre-ville. Nous avons beaucoup d’espaces verts où on peut faire des promenades, mais il y a un problème en ce qui concerne les détritus. Les personnes qui jettent des déchets dans la rue ne s’inquiètent pas de l’impact que ça a... Malgré ces problèmes, j’adore habiter à Nîmes.

J’aide beaucoup à la maison et ma famille est très écolo. Nous faisons du recyclage tous les jours, et moi, je trie les déchets pour recycler. Normalement, je prends une douche au lieu de prendre un bain. Je ne laisse jamais le robinet couler lorsque je me brosse les dents et j’essaie de baisser le chauffage central pour réduire le gaspillage d’énergie.

En ce qui concerne l’environnement, je pense que le problème mondial le plus grand est l’effet de serre. Il y a trop de voitures dans les rues et beaucoup d’usines qui émettent les gaz d’échappement. Ces gaz contribuent au réchauffement de la terre et c’est dangereux pour notre planète.

Le week-end dernier, je suis allé au parc pour jouer au foot avec mes amis. J’y suis allé en vélo au lieu d’y aller en voiture parce que c’est bon pour l’environnement. À la maison, j’ai fait du recyclage et j’ai travaillé dans le jardin avec mon père. Nous avons planté des arbres et arrosé les plantes avec de l’eau recyclée.

À l’avenir, j’ai l’intention d’être plus écolo en changeant mon mode de vie. Je vendrai ma voiture et je prendrai le bus ou le train au lieu d’utiliser la voiture. Je ferai pousser mes propres fruits et légumes parce que j’espère être plus écolo.

Est-ce que tu es écolo ? Comment est ta ville ? Quels sont les problèmes écologiques dans ta ville ?

À bientôt,




I live in Nîmes in the south of France. I have lived here for seven years. It is a historic city and there are lots of tourist sites. Nîmes is a pleasant town and it’s pretty, especially in the centre. In summer it is hot but in winter it is windy and it freezes.

Although Nîmes is pretty, there are also some environmental problems. I find that the traffic is a big problem because there are always traffic jams in the town centre. We have lots of green spaces where you can go for a walk but there is a problem with regards to litter. People who throw litter in the street don’t worry about the impact that it has... In spite of these problems, I love living in Nîmes.

I help a lot at home and my family is very environmentally-friendly. We recycle every day and I sort the rubbish out to recycle. Normally I take a shower instead of having a bath. I never leave the tap running whilst brushing my teeth and I try to turn down the central heating to reduce the energy waste.

With regards to the environment, I think that the biggest global problem is the greenhouse effect. There are too many cars on the road and lots of factories which emit fumes. These gases contribute to global warming and it’s dangerous for our planet.

Last weekend I went to the park to play football with my friends. I went by bike instead of going by car because it’s good for the environment. At home I did the recycling and I worked in the garden with my dad. We planted trees and watered the plants with recycled water.

In the future I intend to be more environmentally-friendly by changing my lifestyle. I will sell my car and I will take the bus or the train instead of travelling my car. I will grow my own fruit and vegetables because I wish to be greener.

Are you environmentally-friendly? What is your town like? What are the environmental problems in your town?

See you soon,